PREORDER: Tumble Wheels (set of 3)

  • $24.00

Please note that this is a preorder item with limited quantities being produced at this time.  Every tumbling aid has been carefully designed, prototyped, tested and refined.  We're cutting each element with a laser in our home as efficiently as we can and ask for your patience during this initial, limited quantity launch.

Orders will begin shipping the week of June 10th.

This listing is for a set of three Tumble Wheels, including:

  • 1 engraved Ring Wheel- marked with ring sizes 5-10 for keeping stacking rings and other bands organized by size, style or order
  • 1 small components-style Tumble wheel
  • 1 large components-style Tumble wheel
  • 20 french-style brass pins
  • 20 nylon adjustable zip ties

Tumble finishing jewelry can be an effective, efficient solution for studio artists looking to streamline their process and/or increase their productivity.  What's not efficient is untangling chains, sorting through mismatched pairs, finding your own work if in a workshop scenario, and searching for small pieces in a strainer basket or sink basin.  These tumbling aids are an effort to help address some of the limits and problems that come along with finishing jewelry in this way.

Made of Delrin, these tough, slightly flexible tools are incredibly strong and resistant to abrasion, water, and chemicals.  They will not harm or scratch your work, and require no special care other than rinsing after use.  Works with all types of tumbling media. Safe for use in pickle as well.


  • Each wheel is deliberately designed with curved silhouettes and multiple pierced openings; the intentional curvature takes less abrasive wear than points and angles, thus prolonging the life of the tumble frame.
  • Intricate cutouts offer ample variations and options for use, allowing you to find connection points that work well for your unique pieces.
  • The open lacework designs allow water to pass through the frames, minimizing drag and resistance within the tumbler barrel so that efficiency and performance are not lost.


Earrings may be attached to the tumbling wheels either by threading french wires through the openings and pinching slightly to close and secure, or by affixing posts loosely through the cutouts.  Earrings must be able to twist and slide freely within the wheels to ensure the tumbling media is able to make maximum contact with the metal.  A small amount of hand finishing may be required on the backs of posts and underneath where the backs were attached.

Attach rings by size to the engraved Ring Wheel using the included brass safety pins and/or nylon ties.  These accessories may also be used for attaching small components such as earring backs, charms, clasps and more to tumble wheels.  Brass pins are reusable many times over, are safe to use in tumblers, won't cause issues if they end up in your pickle pot, don't corrode and don't rust.  NOTE: These brass pins are gilt and will lose their shine with use; this is to be expected and is not a concern.  Nylon ties work when you need to hold a larger item in place and a safety pin won't accommodate the size.  (One use only- simply cut to remove.  Replacement ties are easily found on Amazon.)

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