About H&H

What is H&H, anyway?

Hone & Highlight™ tumbling media is a moderately aggressive consumable meant for use in a rotary tumbler.  This product is manmade as opposed to mined and contains a manufactured version of naturally occurring silicon carbide bonded with ceramic.  The abrasive composition serves as a refining agent for nonferrous metal jewelry while the shape and angles work to selectively remove pre-applied patina from upper layers. The result is a deep, even contrast and buttery matte finish to the metal. This is two products in one.

Naturally occurring Silicon Carbide is extremely rare on earth, instead existing more in space as the stuff of stardust and meteorites.  Manufactured versions have been mass produced since the late 1800s, earning a role in industries such as machine manufacturing and the finishing of automobile parts. Today, varying forms of silicon carbide can be found everywhere: from LEDs to bulletproof vests, skateboard grip tape, and even synthetic moissanite gemstones.  It is also widely used as an abrasive, falling somewhere between diamond carbide and aluminum oxide on the Moh's hardness scale.

I did not invent silicon carbide.  Rather, after extensive play and experimentation with the material, I've worked with a company that mass produces silicon carbide in order to put forth a tumbling media with a shape, size, and abrasiveness that is both suitable for the jewelry scale and available in smaller quantities for independent artists.  This is what I call Hone & Honelight.


What are the benefits of H&H?

1. Saves time.  Allow your work to tumble away to the perfect finish while you sleep, spend time with family, or carry on with other designs and/or parts of your business.  Additionally, you can finish multiple pieces at once!

2. Safe.  This medium is used wet, meaning no dust or particulates to inhale.  H&H is a nonfibrous form of Silicon Carbide.  It is free of dyes, formaldehyde, environmentally unfriendly plastics and additives as well as other chemicals listed as potential carcinogens, irritants or allergens.  This product is an article as defined by GHS regulation and does not require a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

3. Saves money.  Rather than spending numerous dollars on flex shaft accessories, polishing compounds, buffs, brushes, burs, wheels, polishing cabinets, lathes and dust collection systems, you can get exceptional results using a rotary tumbler, a splash of dish soap, tap water, and H&H tumbling medium.

4. Consistency.  Achieve the same consistent contrast and smooth, refined surface area time and time again.  Whether you're creating a cohesive collection or just want a constant finish across a wide body of work, this medium lends itself to taking care of it for you.  No more struggling with perfectly matching the patina on earrings, chain links, stacking rings, etc.

5. Easy to use.  If you are either not a fan of hand finishing your work or simply don't have the time, Hone & Highlight streamlines the whole process and takes the guesswork out of figuring out what tools and compounds will best match your skills, tools, work space limitations and aesthetics.


(Before and After tumbling with H&H) 





Warnings and Considerations:

- do not eat H&H (I can't believe I have to include this... )

- do not leave this media where children or animals could access it or eat it

- do not dump solid pieces of H&H, no matter how small, down the drain

- do not use H&H on work that already contains gemstones, glass, enamel, or beads of any kind. It will cause damage to these items.

- if you are unsure about whether or not H&H could damage your work, please run a test sample

- use common sense when tumbling with H&H. When planning on what pieces to tumble together, remember that chains tangle and ear wires bend.  These are easily remedied problems, but don't make it harder on yourself than it needs to be.  One necklace per barrel is recommended.  Chains and ear wires do not play nicely together in a rotary tumbler.  

- A refining media such as H&H is never intended to be a substitute for quality craftsmanship. You must make sure your work is well constructed and solidly soldered; otherwise, it will likely come apart in the tumbler.

- H&H is not intended to finish rough castings

- This product is not a toy

- Use this website as it was intended, for product sale but also for education.  Please review all information to best inform yourself about the use and limits of this product.  If you have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact us.