H&H™ Mini Media

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One pound of Hone & Highlight™ Mini Media Tumbling Media.

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This is enough for one 3lb capacity tumbler barrel with some to spare.  

Please note that this media is meant for use in rotary tumblers, as that has been my experience with it... I cannot verify results in a vibratory model


patina before tumbling:

 patina after tumbling:
(Original Media is on the right, mini media on the left) 


How is Mini Media different from the original H&H Tumbling Media?

  • Pieces of media are significantly smaller, so they access tighter recesses. Though the Original H&H wears down and eventually becomes as small, it also rounds out during this process and is therefore still unable to get into the very tight spaces that the points of the Mini Media can reach.
  • While the composition of the Mini and Original medias is the same (silicon carbide), the grit of the Mini Media is finer.  This makes it less aggressive, able to preserve detail while still offering a bit of refinement.  It is gentler on bezels, chains, prongs, metal clay, and other more delicate items.
  • The finer grit also means the finish will be satin, not matte.  Pieces tumbled in Mini Media will have a bit of a sheen to them. 
  • Mini Media and Original Media may be mixed for a combination of additional patina removal as well as greater surface and edge refinement.


Things to keep in mind:
  • Please note that Mini Media removes patina as effectively (and in more areas) as the Original H&H; however, the finer grit means that this process may take slightly longer.  Please check your work frequently until you establish a solid understanding of the relationship between time and results.
  • If you want the more widespread patina removal of Mini Media but do not care to have a satin finish, you can follow up with Original H&H.
  • As with Original H&H, if a high shine is desired, you can follow up Mini Media with steel shot or hand polishing.
  • Mini Media is no different from the Original Media in terms of how it's used, stored, or disposed of.  

All orders will be shipped with detailed instructions.   

For more info on H&H, please visit the About, FAQ, and Tips & Tricks pages.





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